Dinner time thought

As I sat next to a 9 month old , trying to feed her dinner, getting frustrated on the food that I prepared being wasted and wondering what goes in that tiny little brain.

Yay! I am in high chair. What is mummy doing? I am kind of sure, her name is mummy. Ok I am not really sure who she is but I see her face a lot. I mean a lot!
Ok mushroom is here, too. I wonder why he looks so different than rest of us. He is so white and fluffy.
I see mummy got some toys, there. Play time! Oh yes, mummy says, it’s actually called dinner time. This is my favorite play time. Yay! I am super excited!
What is that you are handing me, mummy?
Look I can pick it up using my thumb n finger. Should I put it in my mouth? Yes?
Let’s try dropping it off from this side of highchair. What? Mummy is trying to catch it. Hurry another side.
Oh, looks like mushroom loves it. May be mummy wants me to feed mushroom. Here mushroom, this looks yum.
Mummy got spoon, she has something in it and that spoon is heading toward me. Open! Open your mouth! Lol! Tricked you mumm, closed my mouth right at the knick of time. Let’s check if mushroom found this fun as well.
Mummy, I got my mouth open here, why can’t your spoon reach here? Mummy?
What? Didn’t see that spoon ? How did that thing got into my mouth? Swimming lesson! Blow raspberries, aim toward mummy. She loves it! She loves it!!
I love this dinner time.
Spoon thing is boring. Look at mushroom, he is all bored. Where is he? I cannot see him? Is that him? Is that him?
No mum this is boring! No!
Yay! She got me something! Pick, take it toward your mouth, look at mummy’s expression! Here mushroom, your treat!
Yay!! Blow raspberries!!


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