Being a GenY and a woman

Pressure on Women from Gen Y:

As if being Gen Y is not hard enough, women from my generation are in constant pressure. Family they say, career they say, money they say, you have to have it all. They want us to have it all at the same time looking like Miranda Kerr. Yes we feel like there is this constant pressure of looking like supermodel, acting like superwoman and have career like Gail Kelly. Oh yes and there are royalties and so called like Kate, Beyonce….

May be its social media, we now have to face a bigger society and bigger expectation. We constantly try to connect to people all around the world and drooling over the life they have. Gen Y are bit of a show off, aren’t we? We highlight all the wonderful thing in our lives and we parade it in our social media statuses. We do not like to talk about our darker hours. We talk about how we got engaged to the wonderful man with pictures and emoticons but we rarely see lonely woman parading about how her man treats her poorly. We talk about how supermum went back to work and became a career woman but we do not talk about struggle they had to go through to get to that position.

This makes me wonder, should we be talking about not only our good days but our bad days as well. Are we too scared of constantly being judged? Will talking about our weakness makes us more vulnerable? Do we think if I tell my social friends that I curl up in bed every night crying, not that I do that, will make me a target? In our weak situations when our flight or fight instinct kick in, do we just take a flight? Rather than talking about it and spreading the awareness, does majority of us tend to just sweep them under the rug. Come to think about it, after centuries of feminism war, we have not really gone very far. Yes, we can vote, walk out of the front door alone literally and have say in our society but we still do not have our freedom. We are still tied down by society in some way or the other.

Woman needs to build their career and majority have to give that up to start family. After kids are grown up, what? Oh we were suppose to chase after our career. How do we do that? Majority of company are very aware of their cost and they look at moms as liability. However men on the other hand, they can have girlfriends, kids, grand kids, even side businesses, they are still taken as the asset, you know someone you can rely on for when it matters.