things I bought as a new mom that I am glad I did

When I was pregnant and went shopping, baby shops were daunting, they had isle of stuffs and you were not sure what they actually do. Because we live in a tiny 2 bedder and tight in budget, we were not sure what we should buy and what not.  As you know everything baby related cost you arms and legs.  Lets be honest, I rather save those money and put in my baby’s college fund then waste it in some junk.  So I asked around and I did get a lot of advise on what to get and what is total waste.  Let’s face it, every baby is different.  What you need for one baby, you might not need it for another one.  So I am not saying these are the must for every new mom.  There are few things I bought for my baby which is just sitting there collecting dust so it was a lot of hit and miss for us but  as a NM of a 12 week old baby, these are some of the stuffs I bought which I thought and other suggested are waste or pure luxury but I am glad I got them anyways.


1. nappy disposal system:

We live in a tiny 2 bedder and this thing is god sent for us.  No stink!  Trust me nappies stink and every time i empty those system, i am just glad that i got them and thank it for not making our unit, poopy stink hole.  They are handy and you do not have to find plastic  bags, just shove those stinky nappy in the system and no one needs to know about its existence.  Who are we kidding, even though i thought i might be able to do garbage trip every few hours, in reality, you would be lucky to even to use toilet for more than 2 minutes.

2. baby monitor: (video and audio)

I recently got this and I am glad I did.  I do not know why we did not get it before.  You put the bub down for self settling, watch her via this monitor till she falls a sleep.  My lil one is really clever, she would make noise and go quite for few minutes to trick us, when we go in to check on her, she would start crying and because I did not want to scar her for life (there is no studies to prove this but as new mom I just think its best), I would pick her up, rock her to sleep.  Kid you, not this would take me 20 min plus.  No fun at all.  Now I just watch her from the monitor and once she is sleep, i go and check on her.  I was reluctant to get those mat thing for SIDS, was not sure how effective those are.  Once i know the lil one is down, I just go and check her every now and then.  Also, once she started self settling, she sleeps much better and longer.  So it is true, self settled baby are good sleepers!  I can now watch her and take showers without worrying what lil one is doing, how awesome is that?

3. car capsule:

We initially bought convertible car seat.  Car capsule and those convertible car seat were pretty much same price so we thought, why buy something which we can only use for 6 months.  It made sense at that time before the bub arrived.  After having baby who had trouble sleeping, it made sense to have car capsule.  If she sleeps in one of those drive, which she always does (hallelujah), now we do not have to wake her up, we can just take her everywhere while she sleeps, we dont have to wake her up and put her in pram or bassinet.  I know, some of you think and trust me i used to think that as well, prolonged use of car capsule is bad for their back but it is better than cranky unsettled baby.  Trust me it is so convenient as well, no more fiddling with harnesses in busy car park and side of road while bubba screams.  You do not have to wake the bubba and take her with you everywhere.  I do however make sure that she is not in her car capsule for more than 2 hours at a time.

I am sure there are many such product I will find along the way as my little one grows and she will grow to love other products.