Week 3

Dear sanu,
It is week 3, today. We made your first trip to a temple. It was Chinese Buddhist temple and you Had your first blessings from a monk. Lucky sanu.

I cannot believe you are growing so fast and you are getting stronger and stronger. Your head movement is getting really good and I am a proud mamma 😉

Love you heaps.

Week 2 plus

Wow! Time really flies when you are having fun or when you have a new born. So it is true. I have really lost track of time. You will be 3 week old this Friday, I can’t believe it.
We got your birth certificate delivered, today. You are now officially, Reina Shrestha. I hope you like your name. We were tossing between Veena and Reina but at hospital minute after you were born, when we called you Reina you responded, hence we picked Reina.

Love u

p.s: mushroom is so scared of your fart, it’s so hilarious. You are really windy n scaring crap out of your brother.