Full term: week 38

Dear sanu,
You won’t believe how relieved I am that we finally made it to full term. After all those drama, and crazy upside downs, we are finally here, yay!

My mummy, your grandma will be flying tonight and will reach here tomorrow. I can tell she is super excited to see you, hence so much rush from her end. You will love her, she is this amazing woman, the best woman you will ever meet.

Hang in there, buddy for few more days, then whenever you are ready.

Love u

Ps: your daddy is super excited and got your room ready. Wow, everyone I know is dying to meet you.


Happy new year

Dear sanu.
Happy new year! Today is Newari new year and we all newars take a day to thank and celebrate our body. Traditionally we eat huge feast and leave some left on the plate to cheat death and tell yamaraaj (the Newari god of death) that our body is fed with all the goodness and he can comeback later since we take care of our body so well.

Hang in there,buddy. Not long to go now.

ps: mushroom never leaves my side, these days. He is awaiting passionately to meet you as well just like daddy n myself 😉


Angry uterus

Is it angry or just doing some practice run before the big marathon?

Dear sanu,
On Monday I had to go for hospital run but boy was I determined not to have you before you are full term. I was like, I am crossing my leg.
I am glad, things fell right into place and I am here, 36 weeks today and you are still there. I can feel you running out of space n my uterus is not helping either. Saying that I am excited to meet you and I want you to be ready when you are ( when you are full term that is). I just read what I typed and I know I already sound like one of those control freak.
I just want you to be ready and the idea of rushing things and then being apart from you scares me.
I already love you so much and I have not literally met you.
Hang in there buddy for 1 more week. OOXX