35 weeks!

I never imagined that my belly can grow this big but here it is and I still got 5 more weeks to go! Despite my whingefests, lack of breath and energy, little poking in my ribs, yes despite all these, I have to say I actually enjoy this being heavily pregnant, immensely.

Hang in there buddy
(Few more weeks!)


PS: mushroom is excited, too


First sunrise for sanu


We had lil family trip in our simba to watch this . I hope you enjoyed it , too. Sometimes I wonder whether you see world through me, I hope you do but I can’t wait for you to see these through your own senses. Life is wonderful when you love and get loved. It’s got ups and dons and that’s what it makes it wonderful and shaped us for who we are.
I cannot wait to see how your personality shapes up. I know you will be the best because you already are.
Hang in there buddy
Love you

10 weeks to go

Dear sanu,

Can you believe this? 10 weeks to go, well atleast my preggo apps says so.
It feels like only last week we were excited saying its 10 weeks and just came back from our first with dr stephen lyons.
Eagerly waiting to hold you in my arms next to my heart.
Hang in there sanu!
Love you with all my heart.

PS: daddy loves you too