17 plus

Dear Sanu,

I was looking at my pictures and I have realised how quickly you must be growing.  My tummy have doubled the size or may be it is just me being generous with my food, lately.

I cannot wait to see you clearly next week.  Hopefully you will not shy away.  Me and your dad, we are both undecided whether we want to know if you are going to be our baby girl or baby boy.  Clearly it does not matter, either way we love you unconditionally.  

This is strange for me, at least I imagine myself not to be family oriented kind.  I never knew I would settle so happily with your dad and never imagine one day I will love you so unconditionally.  

You have changed our life in good way.  I look at things differently these days and appreciate things in life which I previously used to take it for granted.  I feel like I have been reborn in a good place and I really appreciate all this learning.  Thank you.

I now feel like we are all meant to be together and just excited to one day meet you, feel you and touch you.  Hope you feel the same way and are anxiously waiting for the day like we are.

Hang in there, buddy.



14 plus


I am so used to catching glimpse of you.  I have tried to steal glimpse of you atleast once every two weeks but seems like I have to wait another week to see you.  This is crazily insane but it is killing me.  I just hope you are doing OK, dancing around care free.  I hope your stay is nice and cozy with minimum disturbance.  

These days I am turning into one of those person, who can talk hours and hours about you and mushroom.  I am excited to see you, two play and hang out together.  I think that is another thing I am looking forward to.

hang in there buddy,