Mushroom all groomed

Mushy before his grooming. I still remember the day. He purposefully got dirty so that we would stay home with him 😉

That’s him all clean. He smelt so good but we could hardly recognize him after his make over. Hope we haven’t stolen others’ pet. We just picked which ever was the cutes ;P

PS:  he can now see the world without that fur photo-bombing his every vision 🙂


Aww the love

We left our beloved mushroom behind at home for few days to go and explore beautiful cairns. Come back and now he is terrified that we will leave him again and will be gone for few days. So he tries to pull every trick in the book to make us stay home. Breaks my heart 🙁



This morning he managed to have his face dirty, mind you, this dog is a princess and do not like dirt and being dirty.

PS:  we had lovely couple house sit for us and look after Mushroom while we were away.

Beautiful cairns

Cairns marina. The salt house right at the marina is great place to relax with some beautiful cocktails.

Put your feet up and relax but be aware of mozzies on loose.

coffee @rehab cafe is a delight.

Daintree rain forest. Can you spot my mate there?

Refreshing swim at mossman gorge in the rainforest.

Hey mr croc, you got something stuck in your teeth, there!

Barron fall.

Lastly palm cove. The swim there was a delight, warm, stingers free and no crocs. We hit the jackpot!