To you on your last day as 29 yr old Boy.

This last couple of weeks have been nightmare to me.  I want your special day when you finally step out of 29yr old boyhood to being a real 30 yr old man but seriously could not think of what can I do to make sure that it really becomes special event for you.  So I ponder deep inside but nothing comes.  I guess that what happens when you have known some one too well and spent too much time together, you can barely distinguish your ownself with that person.  It is like 2 person morphed into one or should i say : “2 times in one”.  So I am going to talk about us and our journey till here.

When we first met, we both know we cant remember the event.  It was sometime when we were in STX. You were 16.  We were in same class lucky both our name starts with “R”.  I am even amazed that we became good friends.  No one knew we would end up but there was always a little tease going on for us.  Years later who knew we would cross path and after shedding some tears, we will end up being together.  How old you, then?  23?

Then came the long distance relationship.  Even though the love was there, we were missing and there came the low.  We survived that and started new beginning.  The real beginning was when you were at the end of your 24 years and nearing 25.  And on the first day of your 25th year, we really realised there is only we and no U and I, there.  I am so glad that we realised that.

Through thin and thick, rich and poor, sick and health, we passed to the new era.  The wedding was a bliss and still one of the few best thing that ever happened to us.  We were so scared and nervous.  We had couple of cold feets but at the end we survived, yet once again.  Our life have actually been breeze since.  It have ups and down but we conquered it all like they say, United we stand tall.

Now fast forward to today.  Can you believe it, this is your last day as 29 yr old.  Tomorrow when you open your eyes, you will be 30 year old proud Man. I am glad i have known you the entire time.  You been nothing been my rock and now soon 30 yr old rock.  You have amazed me from day 1 and you keep doing that.  How do you manage to do that?  I look forward to be part of you in your 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th, 80th, 90th, 100th and so forth.

Love you heaps OOXX