This is how it all started

One lazy Saturday Morning, as always I was playing with my tweezers and eye brows.  These suckers grows out of control like every 5 seconds.  Apologies for my aggression but plucking hair is one of my guilty pleasure but then again, whose isnt?  On my small mirror, I saw few of those grey hair.  I did not realise I have so much, all thanks to all the chemicals they use for dying your hair.  So I panicked and looked for my hubby, not sure how he could help here.  “OMG, We are getting old, I got head full of grey hairs and we dont even have kids, yet.”  To which he replied that may be we should then have kids.  Not sure how that can undo my grey hair but then and there we decided we should start planning for completing our family and may be plan for a kid.  We are not getting any younger and we both are kinda settled in, we recently bought unit and been working for 3+ yrs.  We have matured a lot and may be its really now a time for us to settle in and plan for a baby.  Decided then. We are not looking forward to build our own family.  Honestly I cannot be any more excited than this. I am over the moon now.  But have to say this is not easy and being hypochondriac does not help at all.  I am freaking out.  What if I spent all my young life avoiding baby and pregnancy and now when I want them, may be Karma will become a bitch.  I love you, Karma. Please be nice to us.


PS:  i had to pluck those hair and funnily enough, the roots of the hair was dark but the part where I coloured my hair was grey.  The hair tricked us but the good part is I went to the hair dresser and dyed my hair again.  Chemicals!! I can not live without them.

settled into the nest

As you all might (i like to feel that there are few other people who actually bother to read my blog besides myself), me and my hubby recently purchased our first ever unit. “Purchased” is a big word and some what inaccurate as well since it is still 90% owned by bank and we just contribute to the massive profit my bank makes. Still upset with my bank for not passing down the RBA cut just like expected.

Lets move on from me and my bank drama.  After few months of non stop furniture shopping, those drama and lame attempt to prove to world that who needs interior designer when I am here there, we finally put together a nice little nest for me and my hubby.  Must say this is still job in progress, seriously when will this end?

Any ways, I am just glad that I have a place now which I can really call my home.  Being Nepalese woman, its hard on us.  We are raised up saying our parents home is our home and then after wedding big boom.  All of the sudden, that home of yours is not yours any more  its called maternity home and your husband’s home is your home, now.  This might be easy transition for all those Nepalese women who are still in Nepal.  For me it was a little bit of crisis.  I left Nepal, my home to move to Sydney where I have previously been renting and moving around.  Rented apartment is not really your home, its a condo to crash till you find your sanctuary.  So me and my husband go back to Nepal for our Wedding.  After that, there it goes, a big slap on my face.  The Nepalese society telling me the home that I call my home is not “my” home any more.   I must say I do agree that its actually my parents home and it ceased being my home when I moved out from there. The fact that I cannot call it my home anymore because I am married to my hubby, just gets to me.  Worst, the society wants me to call my hubby’s home in Nepal my home.  Just to clarify, he moved out of that home to move in with me in Sydney, so technically its not his home as well.  Home crisis!

So when we decided to buy a property and make it our home, it was like God sent.  Its funny how easy for me to say ‘God sent’, being an atheist.

Bottom line, this home of ours, I do believe is our nest.  Even though we do not own it, bank does majority of ownership, we still own like a inch on the floor where I can park our hearts.  At the end of the day, all the drama, all the mortgage, my home is worth all the pain it caused us.