We are buying our first house, not really its a unit!

Dear word press,

Sorry for ignoring you for such a long time. I have been extremely busy lately and can you believe it? I even forgot my password to log in. My pc could not even keep me logged in. Yes, it has been that long.

The reason I have been so busy is I work full time! You really fell for that, dint you? Yes I do work full time and on top of that, we are planning to buy our first house. After years of toying with the thought of owning a property, we finally decided we want to get our own property. All weekdays were wasted browsing real estate website and weekend busy trying to make it to open house. After going back and froth on suburbs, we went to Brookvale and fell in love at the first sight. So Gen Y, you would say and i cannot disagree more. But that was not easy either, after constant battle between reality, our assumptions and dreams, we finally took the steps and we now have settlement in few days. How exciting, you would think. It is but at the same time, it is too scary! So much of stress! Let me tell you, buying a property is not as easy as you would think it would be. Overall I am glad, me and my hubby we are taking these steps together.


PS: We had our 10 days US tripped planned in the middle of this whirlpool and we literally had hurricane Katrina in our lives. So glad we are still surviving and here I am writing this blog.