First time flying solo

Dear diary,

What happened to the girl I used toknow? I thought I was strong and independent, overall a real fighter. I remember I used to laugh at other girls saying how lame they were. Now looking back I see myself in this position. I have changed. I am scared! Scared of my this flight crashing, scared of my hubby’s plane crashing. Aren’t I m glad, he is not pilot or flight attendant, phew!
Yes, I had this opportunity to fly to Melbourne for some project, after much delay my hubby n I decided we will fly over for weekend as well but for some stingy reason, he had to fly tiger airways while I m at quantas. I m on board of this full-of-exciting flight and I am worrying not only about myself but about my hubby. Damn! Why can’t I turn on my phone and make sure he is ok?

Strange how I never realized, how I really worry myself sick! I am just kidding, its been long time, I have waived my bold me good bye, its been long time ago. Now what remains is timid me, who is worries about world n too afraid to speak out!

Ops, looks like it landing at Mel airport. Glad to be alive. Phew!

Hope left eye twitching ain’t no bad omen, not that I believe in theses crap, oh wait, do I?

Love u my hubby.

Ps: this earth is beautiful 😉