reminiscence of “Roadtrip”

First week back at work for this year.  Even though i started the week or year at work with fresh enthusiasm (lie!!), I cannot help but wander back to the memories of roadtrip and silently hope that i was still in my holidays, driving. basking in the sun and beauty Australia have to offer.  Reminiscences of roadtrip lingers!

There was this last campsite, it was middle of nowhere and it cannot stress more that it did not have civilisation luxuries but somehow i fell in love with that place.  I know I am waterview-holic.  Give me water view scene and I will fall in love with a click, yes just like that.  Even though most of our camping parks were closer to water and many nights we could hear sea at the background, our nature view was blocked or tampered by civilization.  This one was different, to get there we had to wander on dirt road for sometimes, poor Mr Camry had to really rough it and got some bruises at the bottom but it did survive.  There was this place, hallelujah!

Despite I was reluctant at first( let’s face it, it was in middle of nowhere in national park somewhere, there was no road leading to this site and honestly not a single clue that says this place belongs to 2012 or even 1989)  hubby and i set up our tent.  We were scared of some wildlife and crocs, mind you.  Being a city girl and also being non-local who have never actually camped before this roadtrip, we had no idea whether or not this was a safe idea.  Thanks Hollywood for planting seed of fear, darkness, jungle and camping never ends well.   Have to also stress that it was late at night and there was nothing but moonlight.  Being Nepalese and coming from capital city where we are so used to be spending nights with just moonlight, we set up the tent.  Yes, we had little help from car headlights and other torches.

I was already spellbound by the view in the moonlight but since i had crappy camera, next morning when i woke up to nature and this beautiful view, I had to take few pics.  Thanks to facebook, I can just take a looksee at these.

Welcoming 2012

So there were xmas, boxing day and few other days of public holiday and new year’s eve and the actual day, had 2 week leave and there were some mates going for roadtrip and we always dreamt of actually going for big road trip, so it began.  Quickly shopped for some bargain camping stuffs which we thought will be handy and cheap way to support our “roadtrip”.

Ripples were created at work place when I mention to my collegues that we will be doing this big arse road trip which starts from sydney to melbourne through coast way and all the way to adelaide and back and we will be camping each night in our hotspot.  For some wierd reason, I manage to portray myself as princess material.  Mind you, I always thought I was very very down to earth (may be not all the way down).

So it began, after our traditional (hubby and mine own) xmas celebration and sneaky swim in our neighbors pool and few nights sleep, off we went to start our road trip.  Got Mr camry full of camping gears and junks, there were piles of bathing suits, sunscreens, insect repellent and lots of junk food, alcohol and fresh fruits (what were we thinking when we packed nectarine and kiwi fruit in?).  We had quick and big breakfast at our favourite breakky join and off our big trip started.  We camped at tourist park and camping park where bathrooms were well maintained and it was like hotel only we stayed in our own tent.  Then there were days where we camped in dodgy campsite, no name of fresh water and ameneties.  I have to admit, I had to do stuffs that I am not particularly proud of.  Lucky we were on move so we could ditch the campsite and drive to nearest shops or town where we could actually freshen up.  Then i have to say there were nights when we actually stayed at hotel that includes Five star hotel and very nice hostel as well.

Swam in open sea or at least pretended to.  Got days in and out without proper make up on and proper shower. I have to say i was so proud of myself and my hubby even though I think he lives no make up and rare showers.

The best part was when we were driving back, i was dreaming about hot bath and electric toothbrush which will be waiting for me at home.  I must say, hot bath was awesome and brushing my tooth that night felt like i was in 9th cloud.  Downsize is, i think my pillow on which i spent fortune, seems too soft for my liking now.