Evovling technology

I remember back on those days (yes I feel like grandpa simpsons, here), I was in a tempo (those van thing in Kathmandu which function as public transport) and the guy (weirdo i have to say) said “hello”. I was scared to death but I looked at him and acknowledged him just to find myself in a very embarrassing situation. The guy had small air piece thing and was actually talking to someone in his phone. Embarrasing!
Talking about embarrasement, (well! i actually thought i was going to talk about evolving technology but i am allowed to deviate from the topic), these days I see every now and then people have very “sensible” conversation on thier phone. “Siri, what day is today?”, “Siri, what is the weather forecast for today?”, “Siri, am I crazy?”, “Siri, Is it weird to talk to my phone when in return i get answers like ‘sorry, I do not understand’?”, “Siri, why dont I have a girlfriend?”. I know its a new technology and people are excited to try new stuffs but do people actually look at their reflection? Call me old fashion but I prefer to have conversation with another human being who can pretend to understand me no matter what or will have judgement on the stuffs rather than say “Sorry, I do not understand” or gives me straight answers. Hey, I do not want straight answers, If i want straight answers, I will google it. AI is evolving and one day will reach to the point like they show it in Sci-fi movies. I do not want to sound rude but until then, can we leave the crazy stuffs to developers or programmers to act all silly and then invent such new technology. You and I (ie common people) can act all crazy and jump around like monkey and still will not tranform into or should I say evolve into Einstein, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates.

Thank you autocorrection

All these technology is making me dumb and dumber, not sure about other but i am getting dumb and dumber.  My IQ is competing with year 4 student and I will never put my hands up for the spelling competition with 8 year old for sure.

I type teh and our technology and all these fancy software changes it to “the” or offer me option to do so.  ‘c’ and ‘s’ i do not have to think about these, whether or not ‘i’ comes in front of ‘e’, I do not have to worry.  I have even stopped endin my words with ‘g’.  These just come natural to me just like my laziness.  I do not even review my own essay these days, ask technology or should i say my beloved MS word to do auto check on it and wallah!, auto-correction fixes all my grammatical mistakes.  This explains why my handwriting is so bad. Back in my mind I am so scared that people will realise that I actually cannot spell words like heat, beautiful, asterisk, narcissism, (omg and the list continues!) so I just scribble words unreadable so that I can pretend I am smarter than I really am.  Sometimes, my hand just give up on me, my pen does not move on the speed I once had but my fingers they just glide on the keyboard effortlessly with lots of typos!

You know what would be my worst nightmare, it would be to go on the TV show called “Are you smarter than 6th grader?”.  Talking about nightmares, one of my nightmare is actually coming true.  I have said yes to road trip and camping during the holiday.  Road trip is my dream come true and that dream would normally include 5 star hotel room waiting for me with hot bath at the end of each drive.  Only in nightmares, I find myself in the middle of nowhere surrounded by bugs, sleeping on floor, shower-less.  Did I mention someone pointed out, on camping site, I might be sharing my bathroom with hundreds of other people and there will not be guarantee that there will be hot water or privacy and might be a long queue!  Oh yes, I might seem down to earth but I am very princess at heart.

Narcissism and Facebook

People like to show off to the world, oh so this explains my theory on why people like to buy fancy car and catwalk branded accessories even when there is no much need including I who dream of owning closet just like in sex n the city( younger version). Since not everyone can afford it the next best thing we have is social media. Again this explains my theory why people can’t live without Facebook which is twitter equivalent for no. Celebrity. Add Tom dick and hary as friend and flaunt what you got. Comments will fly by, you get notification, makes you feel like you are wanted and you are a star. People telling you how good you are, how good you look and your pout is to die for. Well, Facebook satisfy all my narcistic needs! Damn I wish I had millions or atleast few hundreds of follower in twitter, till then Facebook it is. I like to rub it in people’s face how good my life is and I want friend to feel and understand my pain and other deep stuffs. Real friend, they don’t deliver.

Ps: my apologies, thanks to world of knowledge and my brain getting so used to autocorrection, I recently found out I cannot spell. I am sure I will be beaten by 4 yr old in a spelling contest 😉 Continue reading